What Is Anderson House?

Serving Uvalde and Carrizo Springs, Texas, Anderson House is a trauma resource center (TRC) providing actionable, compassionate, healing services and referrals to people who are experiencing or have experienced Sexually Related Trauma (Sexual Assault or Abuse; Unwanted Pregnancy; Past Abortions(s); Miscarriage/Stillbirth; or STDs).

Anderson House offers in-person and online healing groups to individuals in our local community who have experienced sexual abuse/assault, past abortion and/or miscarriage/stillbirth. We also offer pregnancy related services and STD testing.

Carrizo Springs Location:

701 W. Houston St.
Carrizo Springs, TX 78834


Office Hours

Monday – Wednesday 10am-5pm


Uvalde Location:

105 N. Piper
Uvalde, TX 78801


Office Hours

Tuesday – Thursday 10am-5pm