May 2016   
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Aitape West Translation Project

In 2014, our Association voted to partner with Wycliffe Bible Translators to help 10 people groups in Papua New Guinea receive the New Testament in their own language. The original idea was that if each person in our member churches would donate just $30, we could reach our total goal of $102,000.00 in a year’s time.  The Project is officially known as the Aitape West Translation Project (AWTP).

With the support of 18 churches and 9 individual families, our Association did it!!!  Not only did we reach our goal, we surpassed it…with a total of over $122,097.00 collected for the AWTP!

Glory to God!!!  May His will be done in using these funds to help provide the people of Papua New Guinea with the opportunity to get to know His Word in their own heart languages!!

We continue to work with Wycliffe Bible Translators, and have come up with some recommendations as to how FRBA can continue partnering with the AWTP in 2016.  As we have looked at some of their project goals we’ve come up with a basic formula that can be customized to individual congregations, small groups or individual families.

The translation goals for 2016 include final checking and preparation for recording Titus and Philemon.  They will also finish drafting Mark in all 10 languages!  Looking at Wycliffe’s budgeted funds directed towards these goals we have determined a cost at $35 per verse.  Here is a further breakout per book, and per language.

•     Titus 1-3 (full book) 46 verses, $1610 x 10 languages = 460 verses, $16,100

•     Philemon (full book) 25 verses, $875 x 10 languages = 250 verses, $8750

•     Mark 8-16 (second half) 393 verses, $13,755 x 10 languages = 3930 verses, $137,550

(this does not include 1-2 Timothy which are currently ready for final checking)

We have been encouraged by Michele Axelson, our field coordinator for the project, to give priority to Titus and Philemon as this is the priority of the team for 2016.

Here’s a plan we would like to suggest to you.  Please watch the video, “Bob Botsford”. This video presents the concept we would like to suggest for churches to take on projects which they can personalize to their capacity and vision.  For example:

--     One church might take on Philemon.  They could create 3 Philemon posters, for 3 languages at $875 per language.  This would be a challenge to raise $2625.

--     Another church might take on just one language for Titus for a cost of $1610, or 2 languages for Philemon for $1750, or one language for Titus and Philemon for $2485.

--     Yet another church might take on Titus for 4 languages.  They could create 4 Titus posters for 4 languages at $1610 per language with a challenge to raise $6440.

--     A group or network of churches might take on a combination of different books and chapters which would total to a number they would consider a reasonable but good challenge, maybe something in the neighborhood of $30,000.

This plan will allow each church to customize the amount they could challenge their congregation to raise to continue supporting the AWTP next year.